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Have You Transferred Your UK Pension Into A QROPS?

You know where you transferred your UK Pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme

A QROPS Pension - But Now What?

How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

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QROPS Pension Review Services

BMP Wealth

BMP Wealth are Independent Financial Advisers who specialize in Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS).

We are increasingly being contacted by people from all over the world who have a QROPS Pension already, but are concerned!

Their main concerns surround the following:

  1. I am wondering what I have done
  2. I am concerned about the fees and charges
  3. What are the NEW QROPS RULES and how do they AFFECT ME
  4. I never seem to make any money, my investment performance has been poor
  5. My financial adviser has not honoured their promises, I never hear from them
  6. My financial adviser has disappeared

What You Can Do

So if you are like the many people who took out a QROPS Pension and are wondering what you have done?

Or you are like the many people contacting us who simply value a second opinion?

Well, why don’t you take advantage of our FREE no obligation QROPS Pension Review...

Simply enter your details, so we can help and answer your questions...

Our solutions include aligning your investment performance to your expectations...

And making sure that you are not paying too much in unnecessary fees (often hidden!)...

After all its YOUR money we are talking about...

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