Wealth Management Hong Kong
1075 Central Building 1-3 Pedder Street Central Hong Kong
Hong Kong 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of the Asian Wealth Management industry, with clients central to everything we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide transparent and value driven wealth management solutions, then deliver these complex processes simply, professionally and compliantly.

We deliver value by using state of the art systems and cutting-edge investment thinking to provide holistic balance sheet management to internationally minded clients.

Our Service

We believe that the cornerstone of achieving our vision is service. We never forget that it is your wealth and we are helping you manage it, so we offer a range of ways to interact. Our service includes your relationship with your BMP Wealth Manager, online valuations, regular market commentary and complimentary invitations to informed events.

BMP Wealth Managers

BMP Wealth Managers represent clients’ interests, as our clients are our Principals. Big banks, asset managers and insurance companies do not act for their clients: they owe fealty to their employers, so have targets to meet and management to satisfy. BMP Wealth managers concentrate on meeting their clients’ needs, with senior management ensuring that all solutions are compliant and client driven.


We work in teams; often several staff members will be involved in delivering our service and, as required, will be joined by external professionals like independent lawyers, trustees, real estate agents and other specialists. Our clients are the singular focal point for these teams.

Our Client Services

BMP Wealth is all about service. We strive to make helping you manage your wealth both accessible and simple. Our client communication strategy revolves around technology and we want to ensure that you can engage via our online valuation service as well as via your BMP Wealth manager. Our service is delivered via three pillars:

BMP Wealth Managers

You will have a BMP Wealth Manager, who is the focus of your relationship with BMP Wealth. Your BMP Wealth manager is available for meetings or skype calls and will ensure that all advice is provided clearly and simply and summarised in a written report before implementation.

Regular ongoing service meetings will be scheduled with your BMP Wealth Manger, whilst ad-hoc meeting are welcome. You may contact your BMP Wealth Manager as the need arises via emails, Skype or telephone. All costs and charges are clearly laid out and agreed in advance and your report is double checked by the compliance department to ensure suitability.

Online Valuations

Existing clients can securely log on and see their balance sheet online. For financial assets managed by BMP Wealth, you can drill down to see current valuations, past performance and individual fund attribution, daily updated. This is the foundation for managing your balance sheet on an ongoing basis.


Existing and prospective clients can see our Insights area, with online commentaries and updates from our core managers and BMP Wealth blogs and opinions. We will also add details of forthcoming events and how to join in.

Our Regulatory Status

BMP Wealth is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), C.E. No. BIO512, for Type 4 (advising on securities) and type 9 (discretionary management) regulated activities. It is also a member of the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (HKCIB),  CIB reg no. 0542, for Long Term Insurance (inclusive of Investment Linked) . This means that BMP Wealth can advise on all types of securities, can provide discretionary management services for investment portfolios and can act as your Insurance Broker. These services are available not only to professional investors but to retail investors as well.

BMP Wealth uses a “limited power of attorney” to manage your money via major global product providers. Whilst BMP provides the advice and portfolio management, your money is held securely with the most suitable major brand. Your BMP Wealth manager can change your investment portfolio as your needs and objectives change, but cannot make withdrawals or close accounts without your specific written instructions. You can be assured that your money is managed safely and securely, under the strict regulatory guidelines laid down by the Hong Kong SFC, backed up in law by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance.

BMP Wealth’s insurance services will only recommend to you the most suitable policies, provided by some of the worlds preeminent insurance companies. You can be assured that when the time comes, your policy will pay your beneficiaries in a timely manner. In addition, all our advice is governed by the HKCIB’s rules, which is backed by the Hong Kong Insurance Ordinance.

All of our clients have a written Client Agreement outlining our terms and conditions. BMP Wealth managers need to keep up to date records of your personal situation and risk profile to ensure rigorous ongoing compliance. All records are held confidentially and securely to comply with the Hong Kong Privacy Ordinance.

Whilst this could appear arduous, BMP Wealth views retaining and maintaining accurate information as a fundamental part of protecting our clients’ interests. If your situation changes then it is imperative that we keep abreast of this, from something as small as a change of address to more fundamental changes.

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